The story of The Consciousness of Money started in London in 2010. After two years of recession, a business that Sarah had opened 10 years earlier had to close its doors because it was no longer able to generate enough income to pay its bills. It had been a long struggle.

A few weeks later Sarah was given a copy of a small book called How To Be A Money Magnet, and she was sitting on her bed, reading it. Each chapter ended with written exercises and one of them asked the question, “What does money want to say to you?”

As she put her pen to paper, the pen started to write automatically. The first words that flowed out were, “I want you to love me.” The pen kept moving until it had filled a couple of pages in her notebook. The final words were, “I will love you.”

Sarah read through the whole message and was touched to her core by the beauty of its words. Money described itself as an energy that is light, loving, and always here to support human beings. It encouraged her to let go of her fear and rigidity around money and to open her heart so she could receive the power and gift of money in her life. The message seemed simple, yet radical.

The next day, Sarah decided to have another go and found herself writing a second, equally intriguing message from Money. Then, for a couple of months, she wrote every day and gradually realized the material she was compiling was meant to be shared. She self-published it as a book in May 2011, at a time when she only had enough money in her bank account to buy a single author copy. She called it Love Money, Money Loves You. With the book completed, it was time to apply its message in earnest.

Sarah started to experiment and discovered that Money’s advice actually worked. She began teaching others how to apply this new approach, and they also experienced results that surprised and delighted them. People stopped worrying about money and found themselves empowered instead to build a relaxed relationship with it. As they practiced, they got better financial results, regardless of whether they were wealthy or poor, successful or struggling.

In November 2017 Sarah and her husband, Niko Dujmovic, found a beautiful house on the Sunshine Coast in Australia, where they planned to run retreats. A couple of weeks before they moved in, their friend, Jeff Vander Clute, called about visiting them. Sarah suggested they run a retreat together and asked what the topic could be. Jeff suggested The Consciousness of Money, combining his exploration of consciousness with Sarah’s connection with the energy of Money.

The first retreat, a gathering of six people, was so successful that the participants asked if they could do it again. They returned two months later for retreat number 2. One thing led to another and over the first year Sarah, Jeff, and Niko ran 12 retreats in three countries (Australia, USA, and the UK), and then introduced a six-week online program, called The Consciousness of Money Online.

Word spread about this radically new approach to money, and in the second year, they organized a USA tour with Consciousness of Money (CoM) events in six locations.

The fascinating thing is that with each retreat, the work has gone deeper, exposing the dark shadow of Money that many people live with, and revealing more about the exquisite nature of this energy as it penetrates every aspect of our lives.

Money is emerging as a powerful spiritual teacher by offering ways to unite our everyday material lives with our deepest and most powerful spiritual connection. It is guiding us into an evolving exploration of life at its most creative.

Sarah, Jeff and Niko continue to run workshops, retreats and online courses. They are especially interested in running programs with businesses, and projects that are actively becoming more conscious and aligned with life. They also love to work with investors and people who support the emergence of a more conscious approach to business and the economy.