Sarah McCrum, Jeff Vander Clute and Niko Dujmovic present 
The Consciousness of Money - Online
Transform your relationship with money in alignment with life and the planet


We're writing you this message because we're guessing that you have something in common with us. You care deeply about our collective future and you want to contribute as much as you can.

Most likely, you know you have to work with money to make a powerful impact, and yet your personal  relationship with money is not as functional as it could be. The old ways of doing business aren't getting the results you'd really like. How do you find a new and better way?

We started exploring the consciousness of money in November 2017 and at that time we had no idea how hungry people are to have a deeper, more fulfilling relationship with money.

We also didn’t realise just how broken many people feel with money - the shame, fear, rejection and disappointment brought up by notes, coins and bank transactions.

And we didn't anticipate how disempowered and disillusioned many people feel with the financial structures and institutions of our society.

We were looking for the essence of money, an energy and consciousness that touches every aspect of our lives and links us all together across the planet.

What we found was beautiful and surprising - a loving presence and a generosity of spirit in the energy of money that most people have never imagined. 

As we shared this through retreats and coaching, we also saw many people transform their projects and businesses as they embraced this presence of money in their lives.

They created big and small tangible results - new sources of income, bills getting paid, investors being found, beautiful businesses being nurtured and a lot of financial pain being eased.

When they realised they could have a relationship with money that feels good they experienced so much relief and happiness that we realised we needed to share this message as widely as possible. 

Now we’d like to share it with you in an online course. If you're ready to transform your connection with money, please keep reading.

Sarah McCrum, Jeff Vander Clute and Niko Dujmovic

How would it be for you to...?
  • Heal your relationship with money

  • Open up aligned financial opportunities

  • Accelerate business goals

  • Expand your financial vision

  • Find clarity of direction

  • Connect with your true self

  • Clear financial blockages
  • Strengthen your intuition and inner guidance

  • Grow your natural confidence

  • Align your purpose and business direction

  • Gain a deeper understanding of money

  • Have a real conversation with money

  • Discover the Gratitude Economy

If that feels like a big yes, we invite you to join us for...
Six Weeks
Exploration of the Essence of Money

  • 6 x 90 minute group sessions

  • 12 x 30 minute recorded activations for your financial consciousness

  • Conversational approach with personal attention and lots of interaction

  • Small group breakouts 

  • A very open space with scope for questions, tangents and group enquiry

  • An exceptional community of gamechangers and conscious entrepreneurs
We'll explore these topics...

Week 1: Activation
Start a new, inspired relationship with money, based in a new understanding of what it really is.

Week 2: Bugs in the system
Deal with your fears and limitations around money and face your financial shadows.

Week 3: What is money really? 
Start your own conversation with money and receive information from the source.

Week 4: A beautiful request
Learn the skill of interacting with money in a way that produces grounded, practical financial results.

Week 5: The new consciousness in business 
Redefine the relationship between money, work and business to give yourself financial freedom.

Week 6: World work.
Connect your personal work with money with your life contribution for an enlightened financial future.

"Yes, Consciousness of Money is really key. I am so loving being in the course. It is unique and essential to improving the quality of everyone's life."​​​​​​​
Diane Williams
President, Source of Synergy Foundation
"Extremely context expanding and at the same time completely grounded. Very, very solid, very  practical. And I would say that the work on consciousness is extremely unique."
Peter O'Donnell
Founder, The Note Business
Here are some of the things we'll be doing together...

Exploring Sarah McCrum's book, Love Money, Money Loves You

Learning to have your own conversation with Money anytime

Exploring specific themes that arise within the group

Practicing money activations & relaxations (recorded)

Observing your current relationship with Money

Establishing a new relationship with Money
and making adjustments to your financial life

Uncovering collective and individual patterns and stories

Discovering how Money facilitates freedom

Sharing challenges and results

Personal journaling

Coaching in a new, practical relationship with money

that brings better financial results

Expanding consciousness of how you impact the world

Based on the intensive program we ran
12 times in
13 months ​​​on
3 continents
And this is what they said...
"There are not words to describe what any one will experience during CoM, there are, however, tangible outcomes to celebrate."
Bob Beth, Tech Entrepreneur

"So I came to a conclusion, 'What if I dropped all of that useless stuff, put the need for money aside and played at what lights me up inside?' Something absolutely MASSIVE has changed for me. I’m excited to 'play' with something I love. I feel like the little boy in me has been resurrected and come out to explore and play with 'Let’s find out what’s possible!'" Dave Morris, Eco Property Developer

"These folks loved me and at the same time they challenged me to go down to the root of the problem.
​​​​​​​Perhaps the best thing that they did, however, was that they created an atmosphere in the workshop where we became a tuned group, able to bring our life experience and our intelligence to helping each other. It's an extraordinary workshop."​​​​​​​
Richard Geer
Artistic Director at the Intergenerativity Project
"I've had the pleasure of experiencing some amazing transformations of myself, my husband, my closest girlfriend, and some new friends, and it's quite magical in such a short space of time. People can come with a guard, a suit, a persona and in an environment that is so supportive and loving, often for the very first time in their lives, share their true selves and the liberation that comes from that."
Amanda Boreham
Founder, FindURFlow
The practical details
We'll let you know when the next course is scheduled if you sign up for our free energy activation.
To be decided
Zoom video-conference - all sessions are recorded in case you have to miss one.
Sarah - Niko - Jeff
your hosts

JEFF VANDER CLUTE is an entrepreneur, consciousness coach, and consultant committed to a positive reinvention of human society. Jeff has developed unique decision-making technologies that enable people and organizations to operate with greater wisdom, discover extraordinary capacities and get results. Jeff’s work facilitates the emergence of enlightened strategies and the awakening of people's innate gifts. Jeff is a member of the Evolutionary Leaders and has over 20 years of entrepreneurial and leadership experience in the technology, social venture and consciousness domains.

SARAH McCRUM‘s work explores how each of us can be fully human and fully alive in an age of exponential expansion in technology. She’s been an energy coach for 20 years, helping entrepreneurs and gamechangers master their personal energy. She is the author of Love Money, Money Loves You, which provides much of the inspiration for The Consciousness of Money programs. She’s also a co-founder of Love To, an integrated network of sustainable businesses that creates opportunities for people to solve meaningful challenges by doing what they love.

NIKO DUJMOVIC is an artist whose paintings are designed to create a powerful energy field in the room where they are displayed. He grew up in a small village in Bosnia and spent many years as a builder and carpenter. He trained for 15 years with a Chinese Master and this is where he and Sarah met and got married. He is a lover of energy, consciousness and healing. He prepares and anchors the energy field for The Consciousness of Money and leads exquisitely beautiful love relaxations in all our programs.

What's the cost?
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USD 550
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USD 197
for 3 months
We offer a 30-day money back guarantee, no questions asked.