Manifestation Central

Manifestation Central is a monthly membership for people who’ve done The Consciousness of Money (retreat or online). It’s a way to continue to deepen and transform your relationship with money, upgrade your manifestation ability and expand this consciousness in your business.

It includes:

  • Monthly coaching calls where you can tweak and test your beautiful requests and upgrade your manifestation skills quickly and with a lot of fun.
  • Interviews with people who share successful and inspiring stories of manifestation and money from different fields.
  • Catalytic Conversations that are deeply engaging and shift your reality simply by taking part.
  • Recorded talks with Sarah, unpacking chapters of the book, Love Money, Money Loves You.
  • Jeff sharing the inside experience and how-to of his Enlightenment Technologies, including Resonance Mapping, The Synthesis and how to get insights into any issue you’re wrangling with at the moment.
  • Special love relaxations, recorded by Niko, so you can let go into that place of inner freedom and blissful enjoyment that he shares so beautifully. 
  • Energy Activations that support your energy and ongoing opening into the field of The Consciousness of Money.
  • Surprises – we don’t know what they are yet, but we’ll find out when we get the nudge.
  • Lots of fun, of course.
  • A lively, engaged community of people who all hang out on the same edge of life and speak the same language. And if you meet each other in person one day you’ll feel as if you’ve known each other all your life. That’s the power of connecting in this very special energy field. 

The Details

  • The coaching calls and interviews are at various times, to take account of timezones, but you can expect regular calls in the evenings of USA, UK and Australia.
  • You receive a weekly newsletter to keep you informed of what’s coming up.
  • All live calls are recorded and shared on our learning platform, as are talks, activations and Niko’s relaxations.

The Cost

First month is free, then US$100 per month, ongoing.

Youre free to cancel at any time.

Our aim is to help you work lighter and manifest with more ease and grace. Together we can share the responsibility to help every member get the best outcomes possible, both financial and personal.
A single beautiful request that works well can ensure you have the money and the time to join in for as long as you want to, and we’ll be there every month helping you make all your other beautiful requests work too.

From many years of experience, committing to energy and consciousness over a longer period produces a beautiful and enriching change in your being, which flows into all aspects of your doing, especially your business. So I recommend you see this as an investment, with outstanding potential returns. Let’s prove the return together and enjoy the satisfaction of living in the new consciousness more and more of the time.