There’s a new consciousness growing on this planet
that is generous, expansive and exquisitely beautiful.
It grows by being shared from one person to another.

Jeff Vander Clute, Sarah McCrum & Niko Dujmovic present

The Consciousness of Money

The Consciousness of Money is a 3 day experience that transforms your relationship with money in a way that’s fully aligned with life.

Through an exploration of how you feel and behave around money you’ll discover the sheer joy of interacting with an energy that’s very much alive. It’s the essence of generosity. It’s multi-dimensional. It speaks the language of love with every human being.

Accepting money wholeheartedly into your life opens you to experience true prosperity.

Led by Sarah McCrum, Jeff Vander Clute and Niko Dujmovic, this intensive retreat combines deeply connected, creative conversations with a process called Resonance Mapping.

The exploration blends tangible and intangible aspects of money, from real-world opportunities in business to the multi-dimensional aspects of the energy of money and true prosperity. We introduce topics each day to stimulate the conversation and you’re encouraged to take the exploration in directions that most interest you. We guide the process to ensure that all discussion is creating direct shifts in your consciousness, your energy and your financial worldview.

During participant case studies we apply Resonance Mapping to the topics that come up. This is a unique method developed by Jeff Vander Clute for taking a precise reading of the energy and potential value of any option, decision or idea to find the most empowered path forward. It can be used to assess the consciousness of investment opportunities, business models, ways of giving, and other financial or life decisions. It’s a practical way to help you lead with presence and make enlightened decisions.


Each Consciousness of Money retreat is unique to the group and participants often tell us it’s indescribable – and delicious. it’s an immersive experience, challenging at times and it feels wonderful.

Common elements include:

  • Activation of your financial potential
  • Illumination of deep financial patterns and principles
  • Group enquiry into the energy, consciousness and deeper nature of money with real-time Resonance Mapping feedback
  • Relaxation, healing and unblocking energy
  • Upgrading your system
  • Enhancing your energy field
  • Exploring waves of financial innovation and the consciousness of various financial instruments, models, paradigms and systems
  • Introduction of psychoactive tools and topics that will continue to influence you long after the retreat is completed


The experience is fluid, and yet every topic and activity seems to emerge at precisely the right time. We aim to create a relaxed atmosphere. Each person is encouraged to share their perspectives fully and deeply. We always follow the flow of interest in the group whilst maintaining an underlying focus on the consciousness of money. These are some of the activities you can expect:
  • Cultivating group enquiry and group wisdom
  • Guided relaxations and activations
  • Grounding
  • Resonance Mapping
  • An exploration of “superpowers”
  • Transformational dialogue
  • Deep dive into individual cases
  • Cultivating skillful manifestation
  • Clearing of deeply embedded cultural beliefs
  • Storytelling
  • Asking beautiful questions
  • Sourcing subtle information
The focus on consciousness throughout the retreat empowers every participant to recognise how to use money for the greater good and to understand the coming waves of financial change and innovation from a higher perspective. This knowledge enables you to see beyond the transactional world of cash, notes, bank accounts and hard numbers, whilst engaging with all forms of money in a life-affirming way. By diving into the consciousness of money you can expect tangible outcomes that start immediately and continue to unfold over the following months and years, including…
Healing your relationship with money

Opening up new financial and business opportunities

Accelerating business wins

Getting started in the new currencies

Expanding your financial vision

Finding clarity of direction and your true gifts (personal and business)

Connecting with your true self

Strengthening your inner guidance

Natural confidence

Improving your relationships, especially with money

Aligning your personal purpose and business direction

Gaining a deeper understanding of money

Initiation into the Gratitude Economy

Personalised list of empowered practical actions (ie next steps)

Personal breakthroughs


We start at 6pm on the first evening and then at 9am each day.

Lunch around 1pm, with morning and afternoon breaks to suit the flow of conversation.

Finish after dinner each day and mid-afternoon on the last day.

Exact times will be confirmed when you register your interest for a specific location as they vary slightly.




Napa Valley, US13-16 June 


Jeff Vander Clute is an entrepreneur, consciousness coach, and consultant committed to a positive reinvention of human society. Jeff has developed unique decision-making processes and technologies that enable people and organizations to operate with greater wisdom, discover extraordinary capacities and get results. Jeff’s work facilitates the emergence of deeply aligned strategies and visions, supports the consciousness development of individuals and teams and fosters the awakening of “superpowers”. Jeff is a member of the Evolutionary Leaders Circle and has over 20 years of entrepreneurial and leadership experience in the technology, social enterprise and consciousness domains.

Sarah McCrum’s work explores how each of us can be fully human and fully alive in an age of exponential expansion in technology. She trained for 22 years with two Chinese Masters and she’s been an energy coach for 20 years, helping entrepreneurs and gamechangers master their personal energy. She is the author of Love Money, Money Loves You, which provides the inspiration for The Consciousness of Money. She’s also a member of faculty for The Shift Network  and a member of the Evolutionary Leaders Circle.

Niko Dujmovic is an artist whose paintings create a powerful energy field in the room where they are displayed. He grew up in a small village in Bosnia and spent many years as a builder and carpenter. He trained for 15 years with a Chinese Master and this is where he and Sarah met and got married. He is a lover of energy, consciousness and healing. He prepares and anchors the energy field for The Consciousness of Money and leads exquisitely beautiful love relaxations in all our programs.



Transformational for all
How it makes a difference
Confronting your discomfort around money
The Experience

I thought I’d share a conversation I had today with a State Government employee who has been working with me over the past few months. I know it’s a good indication of the change and shift in me since our retreat. He reflected on one meeting he had with me before Christmas and said: “I seriously questioned whether I had the defibrillation kit in my car as your face was redder than a sunburnt tomato.” He went on to say that he felt after some meetings that he may have just signed my death certificate as he added more work to my already overburdened workload. The clincher, he went on to add, “Whatever you’ve done since then, keep at it, you look a lot better.” Massive thank you to you, Sarah, Niko and Jeff and the entire group for my transformation.
-Dale Boreham-

Before the retreat I honestly felt like my life had become “have to” with relation to working and earning money to pay bills etc. I had literally lost everything nearly 12 years ago and was carrying around so much guilt and fear that I wasn’t even allowing myself to connect with what I WANTED/LOVED/AM PASSIONATE ABOUT. I thought I was betraying my kids and being selfish and thinking about my passions instead of working hard at a job I hated to go to Canada to spend time with them. I thought I didn’t deserve to do what I loved and that I needed to do whatever was offered to me to pay the bills and debts. The guilt was enormous! And then there was the fear!!! The fear of making something work only to lose it all again! Living with a memory of that sting had me avoiding getting on the field to avoid that happening again. However during the retreat I saw something …… me playing small, my fears and my guilt weren’t serving myself, my kids or anyone else on this planet. I was avoiding the world, trying to run and hide instead of using my talents to contribute back to the world and that wasn’t helping a single thing!! So I came to a conclusion “what if I dropped all of that useless stuff, put the need for money aside and played at what lights me up inside”. Something absolutely MASSIVE has changed for me. I’m excited to “play” with something I love. I feel like the little boy in me has been resurrected and come out to explore and play with “let’s find out what’s possible!”. Life is getting exciting!
-Dave Morris-

You won’t believe everything that’s happened since The Consciousness of Money. Everything that I have ever wanted I have. Everything. The greatest gift for me is I am so RELAXED!!! Now life can flow!
More and more ideal clients are coming to me effortlessly and the business opportunities that are being presented to me are incredible – I am no longer stuck in the ‘HOW’ but am now free to allow my creative self to manifest my expressions all aligned to the Universes ideal, it feels amazing!
I’m travelling Australia and still making money while sitting in one of the most beautiful places on the planet. I manifested my King. I’m totally in love. My heart and soul are in joy and I’m having the best time doing a road trip with this beautiful man who just loves me back. We’re talking about traveling all over the world together. I am present in the NOW and so much gratitude fills my heart.
-Ella Hall-

We’ve just finished three days, talking about the consciousness of money. More than talking about it, we’ve actually been filling ourselves with it, aligning with it, and figuring out how in a changing world we apply these magnificent, amazing changes to our businesses to make a practical difference in the world, to create wealth, to create opportunity, to create health and wellbeing, to create better communities and to create more sustainability. It’s been an exceptional three days. That’s an experience I don’t think you could have anywhere else in the world because the people that gathered here made something between them that couldn’t be made by others. I can’t recommend it highly enough. It’s been a really life changing event for me. Very humbling.
-Tim Bennett, Founder of LOVE TO

Extremely context expanding and at the same time completely grounded. Very, very solid, very practical. And I would say that the work on consciousness is extremely unique. I’ve not been involved in anything quite like this and I’ve been involved in a lot of spiritual work, healing work, growth work, et cetera, for the last 30 years. There is an invitation for you if you’re reading this to come to the next one, and if it resonates with you, do what you have to do to be here because your world will change. You will come out of not just peaceful in the moment; the things that happen during this program will give you peace of mind for the rest of your life and from that peace of mind and that unity you’ll be creating whatever it is that rocks your world.
-Peter O’Donnell, Founder of The Note Business

I’ve been in business in the past and I’ve had some pretty big failures and I was carrying those forward. There was a lot of fear around those failures before starting again or holding back from starting again and having a go at different things. When we talk about starting new business there’s a lot of nerves around it, a lot of fear. What if it doesn’t work again? What if it fails again? And having got that out of the way, I feel free to be able to go and do the things that I want to do and enjoy them without having to worry about the fear of failing. It’s more a case of go and do it because I enjoy doing it. For the first time in eight to 10 years I feel excited about going into something as opposed to going into it with a whole bunch of fears and nerves and apprehension, as opposed to excitement and in the possibility of what it could be.
-Dave Morris, Founder of (TBD)

I’m just feeling so much gratitude right now and I’m sitting in a little slice of heaven and have just popped out the end, but truly only stepped into the beginning of a journey, which is the consciousness of money. I feel very grateful to Sarah and to Niko for having myself and such an incredible collaboration of brilliant humans collected in a space. Where else in the world do you have an opportunity to go so deep and every single one of us got something totally unique to us. I came with just openness and curiosity and I had some really big ideas and I really wanted some clarity around what steps to take next in a relaxed way. And I feel like I have never felt so much expansion and openness and so relaxed around the topics of things such as money and the big vision for myself. I’m full of wonderment and excitement to explore the next steps.
-Ella Hall, Coach

If anyone is at a crossroads or a fork in the road or having difficulty finding the right answers to the questions that they don’t even know what questions to ask, then just say yes to it and come to one of these retreats. I was very fortunate to have a beautiful friend that told me about this and I’m so grateful that I said yes. It’s not something that I can explain. My experience is going to be different from everyone else’s experience, but the energy that’s created out of these retreats is amazing and beautiful and life changing. So just say yes.
-Kylie Jones, Marketing Consultant

I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing some amazing transformations of myself, my husband, my closest girlfriend, and some new friends, and it’s quite magical in such a short space of time. People can come with a guard, a suit, a persona that they share to the world and in an environment that is so supportive and loving and then to shed those layers, and often for the very first time in their lives, share their true selves and the liberation that comes from that and the giant leaps forward. It’s really exciting to see where things go for yourself and for myself. Always tenfold, tenfold. Every time I do something with you, Sarah, I feel such a huge shift in my own energy and it really does filter into every aspect of my life. I know my energy filters into my family’s energy initially, and then with every interaction I have, I’m very much sharing that energy, whether I’m conscious of it or not. Thank you.
-Amanda Boreham, Founder of FindURFlow

I came here with a deep desire to really move my business forward in ways that I felt I was very blocked in. After spending the weekend here, not only do I feel I’ve come away with that, but also I’ve made some huge shifts within myself, which are very intricately connected to my business. Certainly as a person or an individual now I feel a lot more sense of self and that will flow over into all facets of my life. The transformation for me has been beyond words. Really extraordinary. Very, very grateful. I’m really looking forward to the next installment of my own personal life and also my business life.
-Michelle Monk, Founder of Dogs in Motion

I want to heartily endorse the consciousness of money retreat I attended at the end of August. It was profoundly transformational for me. I feel that I’ve been unleashed and able to break through something that’s blocked me for a very long time. Niko and Jeff and Sarah collectively create a very transformative space, filled with love and light, and it was a privilege to be part of something that was so transformative, not only for me but for the others, and to watch people make deep, deep shifts. So it was one of the best workshops I’ve ever been part of. It is money I consider extremely well spent and I recommend it from the bottom of my heart.
-Kate Sutherland, Consultant and Author

The power of a workshop is always going to come down to how deeply we can move into the center of each other’s feelings or thoughts or beliefs around the task, especially when running a workshop about change, which most workshops are about. This workshop focuses on one of the things that human beings are probably the most protected about and the most challenged by, which is that right next to the center of who we are as people is how we feel about money. How we feel about money is going to manifest in our life. How you think about money has been how you have created money in your life so far? A revelation for me was that my understanding of money was prejudicing me against having it and the abundance that I needed to do the work that money could facilitate. The only way I was able to get to this point of understanding, and confronting and moving through that, was first and foremost because the kind of facilitation that made this workshop happen with Sarah and Jeff and NiKo was unique. These folks loved me and at the same time they challenged me to go down to the root of the problem. Perhaps the best thing that they did, however, was that they created an atmosphere in the workshop where we became each other’s witnesses and each other’s inspirations so that by the time the workshop was moving into the deep work of taking time with each specific individual to listen fully to their story, to listen fully to what their challenges were about money we were a tuned group, able to bring our life experience and our intelligence to helping each other. It’s an extraordinary workshop. At the beginning, I could not say the words, I love money, money loves me. It brought up too many prejudices. During the process I was able to open the door and look honestly at that thing that I thought was the necessary part of me, a part of me that was right and just and realized that I had been using that to keep the door shut and against my own abundance. I hope you have an experience as powerful as I did. I think these folks could bring it on.
-Richard Geer, Artistic Director, Story Bridge


INCLUDES Full program for 3 days | Lunch each day | Dinner one evening
ACCOMMODATION Accommodation and breakfast is not included. Further information about accommodation available by email when you request an invitation to the program.
BUSINESS FOR GOOD Your participation is helping to keep Cambodian girls in school to protect them from sex trafficking, through our lifetime partnership with B1G1 (Buy 1 Give 1 – Business for Good).
APPLICATION This will be a very intimate experience with a small number of guests, in addition to Sarah, Jeff and Niko. The group will be brought together based on each person’s potential to contribute to the whole experience, with a willingness to share openly your experience and curiosity.
REGISTER Please complete the form at the bottom of this page to express your interest in any retreat, without any obligation. We will then invite you to an online call where you can ask questions and find out more to see if it’s a good fit for you and for us. If you decide to join us, we will then share the practical details with you (locations, accommodation etc) and invoice you. Your place will be confirmed when we receive payment. 
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Next Steps

Please complete the form below to find out more about any retreat, without obligation. We will then invite you to an online call where you can ask questions and find out if it’s a good fit for you and for us. If you decide to join us, we will then share the practical details with you (locations, accommodation etc) and invoice you. Your place will be confirmed when we receive your payment.