Sarah's Offerings

One-on-one Coaching

For Entrepreneurs and Gamechangers 

Sarah guides you to master your personal energy, find inner peace, uncover your deepest purpose, explore who you really are and develop your personal superpowers. Along the way you will also overcome burnout and self-sabotage, learn how to solve any problem, including issues with your relationship or family and bring a new consciousness into your business. One on one coaching is recommended if you want personal attention or a program tailored to specific needs.

Please book a free conversation with Sarah to discuss what youre creating in your life and the challenges you’re currently facing, so you can jointly put together a good personal program. 

Gamechangers Connect

Gamechangers Connect brings together people who are transforming the way we live and do business on this planet for the good of all. We’re constantly questioning the status quo and sharing ourselves, our knowledge and our experience to help others. We’re always looking for better ways of being and we care enough about our common future to do something about it.

Most of us weren’t raised or educated to be gamechangers, but now we can choose to learn. The journey of being fully human, at this time in our evolution, is our curriculum for changing the game. Life is beautifully designed to support us on that journey, if we deepen our understanding of how it works.

In order to truly change the game, we need to go beyond doing things differently…
We need to become different people.

  • If we want to create a world that’s healthy, we start by being healthy ourselves.
  • If we want to live in a world where people are at peace, we cultivate peace in our own hearts, families, businesses and communities.
  • If we want to shift the world to prosperity, we learn how to live generously and share our common resources.
  • And if we want to sustain a high quality of natural life on this planet, we explore our true nature as human beings and find our rightful place in the ecosystem of Earth and Cosmos.

A true gamechanger walks their talk to the best of their ability with integrity, a deep sense of purpose and profound respect for all life.

This is our vision and our curriculum.

Members of Gamechangers Connect meet weekly as a group and also have options for one on one coaching with Sarah and some of her most valued partners.

Please email Sarah to arrange a conversation where you can discuss whether Gamechangers Connect is a good fit for you on

Other Courses

Sarah sends a weekly blog and will inform you of other courses and events, so please keep an eye open for her emails and make sure her email address is whitelisted.